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University Details

At our institution, we prioritize a personalized approach to learning and research that emphasizes hands-on experiences. We are dedicated to equipping our students with lifelong skills to thrive in a dynamic and evolving world. With a global perspective, our London campus welcomes students and staff from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

At Middlesex, we embrace a global community united by a common goal: creating a fairer and more inclusive world. Our approach involves actively taking steps and seeking solutions by fostering collaboration across disciplines, sectors, and cultures.

English Requirement

To be admitted to Middlesex University, prospective students are required to achieve a minimum overall score of 6.0 in the IELTS English proficiency test, with a minimum score of 5.5 in each of the individual components.

General Requirement

Why study accounting with us

Accounting is at the core of every business which means that our BA Accounting and Finance course offers you a range of opportunities in every industry, from banking to fashion and everywhere in between. You’ll develop your advanced theoretical knowledge as well as a practical understanding of all aspects of accounting and finance. Covering key areas within financial and management accounting, taxation and business law, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the role accounting plays in successful organisations.

Build your hands-on practical accounting skills

You’ll build your knowledge through a combination of lectures, workshops and seminars. You’ll also take part in a range of class-based discussions to further develop your skills and understanding.

We use accounting software such as Xero, Sage and OneSource in our teaching and our state-of-the-art Financial Markets Lab will give you the hands-on experience you'll need to succeed in the profession.

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to do a paid work placement, either as a year-long project or two shorter placements. Here you’ll get the chance to test and improve your technical skills in the real world, as well as building your soft employability skills such as communication and team work.

Globally recognised for our employability focus

We received a CIMA Employability Global Silver Excellence award from our professional body as recognition of commitment to employability enhancing education and workshops for our students.

Supporting employment prospects throughout your degree

We aim to provide our students with all the knowledge and tools they will need to achieve their desired employment goals. Below are some of the key focus points you will cover throughout your degree.

  • Fully integrated employability skills and links with industry as well as to provide all students a virtual internship opportunity.
  • We run a comprehensive series of weekly employability and skills sessions.
  • We have an established relationship with the NHS work placement scheme.
  • We organise mentoring events with our alumni.
  • We embed employability skills within our modules; for examples: students are required to develop and partly execute an audit plan, to apply industry software to calculate corporation tax, to assess and analyse the financial performance and position of real-world companies using their published annual reports.

Get the support you need to succeed

When it comes to support, you'll be allocated with a Personal Tutor to get the guidance you need, while your Subject Liaison Librarian supports you directly in the Financial Markets Lab. You’ll also get support from our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants who have personal experience in your subject.

A BA in accounting and finance from one of the best accounting courses in London is the ideal first step towards becoming a qualified accountant. It’s also a springboard for other careers like corporate finance, market research, and risk analysis, among many others. Graduates from this course have gone on to have careers with the likes of PwC, Deloitte and City Bank among others.

Course highlights

  • Access to industry standard software including Zero, Sage and OneSource and our state-of-the-art Financial Markets Lab.
  • Embark on a paid work placement to enhance your employability prospects and test your technical skills in the real world, including our established relationship with the NHS work placement scheme.
  • Build your hands-on practical accounting skills through a combination of lectures, workshops, seminars and class-based discussions.
  • This programme is taught across all three Middlesex campuses in London, Dubai and Mauritius. This enables students to transfer to any of these campuses during their studies.
Course Specification

Our three-year degree (four years with the work placement option) covers the key areas of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance, Taxation and Business Law. You will also choose from an extensive range of modules that explore the broader business environment, and gain an understanding of the pivotal role of accounting to the success of organisations across the globe.

What will you gain?

You will develop a set of transferable skills to support you on your career journey, such as advanced analytical thinking and problem solving. You will learn how to work effectively in teams as both a leader and collaborator and become a confident communicator both written and verbally, ensuring you can communicate effectively in a business environment. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the UK taxation regime and its practical application in professional settings.


*module details subject to validation*
  • Year 1 - Compulsory

    • Financial Accounting (30 credits)
    • Financial Data Analysis (15 credits)
    • Financial Business Environment (15 credits)
    • Accounting Information Systems (15 credits)
    • Management Accounting (30 credits)
  • Year 2 - Compulsory

    • Applied Financial Accounting OR Advanced Financial Accounting (30 credits)
    • Business Law (30 credits)
    • Applied Management Accounting OR Advanced Management Accounting (30 credits)
  • Year 2 - Optional

    • Financial Project Management (30 credits)
    • Financial Mathematics (30 credits)
    • Operations Management (30 credits)
    • Personal Financial Behaviour (30 credits)
  • Year 3 - Compulsory

    • Accounting Theory (15 credits)
    • Corporate Finance (30 credits)
    • Ethics and Sustainability (15 credits)
    • Taxation (30 credits)
  • Year 3 - Optional

    • Advanced Financial Data Analysis (30 credits)
    • Business Start-Up (30 credits)
    • Work Internship (30 credits)
    • International Leadership (30 credits)
    • Investment Analysis (30 credits)
    • Audit and Assurance (30 credits)
    • Corporate Accountability (30 credits)
    • Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (30 credits)

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