University of Hertfordshire

Scholarship upto £2,000

We believe anyone who works hard or shows great talent should be encouraged. At Herts, we offer a range of non-repayable scholarships and bursaries to outstanding individuals.

Study mode
Programm for Scholarship 
:Undergraduate and postgraduate
Scholarship amount
:up to £3000
Course duration
:1st year
Eligible students
:All students
Eligible country
:All nationals


Some financial support opportunities are sponsored directly by the University. Others are sponsored by our commercial and professional partners, funded by philanthropic donations or are part of a Government scheme (e.g. the NHS Learning Support Fund).

If you are awarded a scholarship, grant or bursary, you will receive the money specific to that scheme. They are offered based on a range of criteria. Take a look at the options below to find out more.

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