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At our institution, we prioritize a personalized approach to learning and research that emphasizes hands-on experiences. We are dedicated to equipping our students with lifelong skills to thrive in a dynamic and evolving world. With a global perspective, our London campus welcomes students and staff from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

At Middlesex, we embrace a global community united by a common goal: creating a fairer and more inclusive world. Our approach involves actively taking steps and seeking solutions by fostering collaboration across disciplines, sectors, and cultures.



To be admitted to Middlesex University, prospective students are required to achieve a minimum overall score of 6.0 in the IELTS English proficiency test, with a minimum score of 5.5 in each of the individual components.


You’ve got your uni offers. So what’s next? Here are the steps you need to take to confirm your offers.  UCAS Applications

  • Firm Option: When you receive your offers, you’ll need to choose a first choice or firm option
  • Insurance Option: You’ll also need to choose an insurance option. It's a good idea to select an insurance option with lower entry requirements than your firm choice. Then you’ll have options for university even if things don’t go to plan with your exams.
  • Decline Other: Offers Once you have chosen your firm and insurance options, you’ll decline all your other offers.

Key Facts

Key Facts about Middlesex University:  Established: Middlesex University was founded in 1973. Campuses: The university has multiple campuses located in London, Dubai, and Mauritius.

  • Rankings: Middlesex University is ranked among the top universities globally, known for its academic excellence and student satisfaction.
  • Programs: The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including arts and creative industries, business, health and education, science and technology, and social sciences. 
  • Diversity: The university boasts a diverse student body with students from over 140 different countries, fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment.
  • Research: Middlesex University is actively involved in research across various fields and has centers and institutes dedicated to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges.
  • Industry Connections: The university has strong connections with industry partners, providing students with opportunities for internships, placements, and networking. Student Support: Middlesex University offers comprehensive support services to students, including academic guidance, career development, and well-being support.
  • Alumni Network: Middlesex University has a large and active alumni network, with graduates making significant contributions in various professional fields globally. These key facts showcase Middlesex University's commitment to delivering high-quality education, fostering a diverse and inclusive community, and preparing students for successful careers and global citizenship.


At Middlesex, we don’t think the cost of living should stop you from achieving your goals. Our MDX Student Starter Kit gives you the tools you need to kick-start your studies, and hopefully worry less about your budget.

Study mode
Programm for Scholarship 
:Undergraduate and postgraduate
Scholarship amount
:up to £1000
Course duration
:1st year
Eligible students
:All students
Eligible country
:All nationals


  • Amount: Package including tech, food and drink vouchers and a grant worth up to £1,000
  • Eligibility: You must be a new student (joining the University in September 2023) and studying any subject at the undergraduate level.

A limited number of kits are available, so we’re looking for students to share how this support will help them succeed at Middlesex.


To be eligible for a kit, you’ll need to:

  • Apply for Middlesex to start in Autumn 2023 (this must be your first undergraduate degree)
  • Meet the full criteria and adhere to our t’s and c’s on the registration form


To begin the application process, simply register an account on our applicant portal. Through the portal, you can conveniently submit your application directly to us. This includes uploading supporting documents, portfolios, or show-reels, as well as making subsequent applications when needed. 

You can easily track the progress of your application by logging into your account. This way, you can stay updated on the status and any updates regarding your application. 

To secure your place, we advise applying for your desired course as early as possible. It is not necessary to wait for your final qualification score before submitting your application. By applying early, you increase your chances of securing a spot in your preferred program.


When beginning your search for accommodation, the Middlesexstudentpad website is a valuable resource to explore. This platform provides current and comprehensive information on available rental properties, including contact details of landlords, rental rates, and other pertinent details. The website is regularly updated throughout the year, ensuring that you have access to the latest information even if the term has already begun.

Additionally, the site offers a message board feature, enabling you to view notices posted by fellow students regarding housing-related matters.  We strongly recommend that you verify all the information presented on the website with the property owner before finalizing any accommodation arrangements or signing a lease. It's essential to ensure the accuracy and suitability of the details provided before making any commitments.


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