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Key Information Need (KIN) - Lancaster University

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HE Track Record of Compliance
Main campus
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London Campus
£ 19110

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About - Lancaster University

“Lancaster University campus occupies a beautiful 560-acre parkland site and is proud to be one of only a handful of UK universities with a collegiate system.

The Lancaster University campus occupies a beautiful 560-acre parkland site at Bailrigg, just three miles from Lancaster city centre. Our Bailrigg campus is open to all, and members of the local community are welcome to use and enjoy many of our facilities and events.

In 1947 a public meeting in Lancaster endorsed a proposal that a university might be established in the city.

The idea lay dormant until Lancashire County Council revived it in early 1961. The Council created a Promotion Committee for a University in North-West Lancashire. Lord Derby was the chair of the committee. The Promotion Committee presented a proposal to the University Grants Committee for Lancaster.

From the day it opened its doors, the new institution had full authority to manage its affairs within the terms of its Royal Charter and Statutes.

We dedicate these pages to the history of Lancaster University. We have charted the evolution and construction of the campus. Beginning as a greenfield site and early home in the city, and provided a picture of what it was like to study here during the “”swinging sixties”” and the early 1970s.

We hope that alums, present students, staff, local residents or curious folk will all find something to interest them.”

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