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About - The University of Ulster, London & Birmingham

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Ulster University is a multi-campus university that can trace its origins back to 1845. The university has now spread beyond its Northern Ireland roots to include branch campuses in London and Birmingham, run in partnership with QA Higher Education, formerly QA Business School. We are a truly international university with over 2,000 international students from over 80 different countries and Alumni from 121 countries.

The branch campuses offer globally recognised, fully accredited degrees at Bachelors and Masters levels. We have an excellent reputation for research, for providing work-based learning, and for the level of recognition granted by professional bodies.

We aim to create the best opportunities for our students by putting an emphasis on work-based learning. This contributes to over 92% of Ulster graduates being in employment or pursuing further studies within 6 months (DLHE Survey 2018).

Why study at our branch campuses?
Our campuses in London and Birmingham offer a modern, professional study destination. Our focus is to ensure our graduates don’t just have a degree, but are highly employable and motivated individuals ready to function in a dynamic business environment

High quality campus facilities in London and Birmingham
Partnership with QA, who have 20+ years developing business and IT skills and are the UK’s largest corporate training provider
Our joint goal is to combine the quality of Ulster’s degree programmes with the commercial outlook of an international leader in training and talent development, and so enhance our students’ employability.

In the process we have attracted faculty members with significant up-to-date experience in the business world. We have also established purpose-built teaching facilities that prepare students properly for the professional atmosphere and technological environment they can expect when they commence or progress their careers.

The programmes at our branch campuses are validated by the University and taught by QA Higher Education.”

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