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Key Information Need (KIN) - University for the Creative Arts

Type of Institution
HE Track Record of Compliance
Main campus
International students
London Campus
£ 8750

Admission Ongoing

About - University for the Creative Arts

“The University for the Creative Arts is a specialist art and design university in the south of England.

It was formed in 2005 as University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester when the Kent Institute of Art and Design was merged into the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, which already had degree-awarding status; both constituent schools had been formed by merging the local art schools, in Kent and Surrey respectively. It was granted university status in 2008, and the name changed to the present one.

We are committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for everyone in the UCA community. Our dedicated team ensures that everything we do is respectful, inclusive and fair.

Embodied in the 2010 Equality Act, UCA recognises and strongly upholds that all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation are unacceptable. We aim to ensure that no applicant, employee or student receives less favourable facilities or treatment (either directly or indirectly) on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy, maternity, paternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation

We greatly value a diverse academic community that is inclusive to all and supports everyone to achieve their full potential and we are continually reviewing how we work to ensure this is at the heart of all of our practices.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion forms part of our induction procedures for staff and students, and we also offer training on EDI. Our equality policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, maintaining their effectiveness through Equality Impact Assessments.”

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