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Key Information Need (KIN) - University of Birmingham

Type of Institution
HE Track Record of Compliance
Main campus
International students
London Campus
£ 21000

Admission Ongoing

About - University of Birmingham

About the University of Birmingham
Founded in 1900, the University of Birmingham is a globally-ranked, world ‘top-100’ public research and teaching institution and a member of the prestigious Russell Group.

The University is characterised by its tradition of research and innovation, both of which have resulted in major breakthroughs, furthering knowledge and improving people’s lives.

One of the first UK universities to admit students regardless of religion or personal background, the University of Birmingham is dedicated to equality and diversity. This commitment is reflected in the University’s initiative to improve access to further education globally, through its 100% online postgraduate degrees.

Why choose the University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham is one of the largest providers of distance and blended learning programmes in the UK. Our dedication to online learning was demonstrated with the launch of a series of 100% online postgraduate degrees, starting in 2015.

Built from the ground up to harness the full teaching power of the technologies available, our online learning experience builds on students’ existing experience.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the teaching efficacy and the value of our programmes. That means keeping one eye on the future, and monitoring the technological trends that could help students further.

Rankings and recognition
We’re an ambitious university, proud of our ranking as a top-100 world university and our performance in all major international league tables. Over the years we’ve established a reputation for high-quality research and teaching which address the challenges of our time.

However, figures alone cannot capture the experience of learning online at the University – neither can they completely communicate what makes Birmingham one of the most popular universities in the UK and globally. What they can do is provide a useful profile of what takes place in this prestigious institution.

Before making your choice of University, speak to a member of our recruiting team, who can help you develop your understanding of the wider services, culture and experiences we offer online students.”

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