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Key Information Need (KIN) - University of Gloucestershire

Type of Institution
HE Track Record of Compliance
Main campus
International students
London Campus
£ 18272

Admission Ongoing

About - University of Gloucestershire

Contact details

“University of Gloucestershire is a diverse, vibrant community of 12,000 students and 1,500 staff with campuses in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Our teaching dates back to 1847; we’ve come a long way since then and have exciting plans for the future.

Events management students working at the Cheltenham jazz festival.
As individuals and a community we act honestly and openly, upholding fundamental academic and ethical values, promoting the standards of public service, and working towards the good of others.

We act with compassion. We are inclusive and treat everyone equally and with respect. We recognise the unique value and worth of every individual, and their contribution to our community. We cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive, feel they belong, and do their best work.

We encourage and inspire ourselves and every individual in our community to be the best they can be. We aim for excellence in everything we do. We nurture aspirations, and pursue opportunities to transform and influence society for the better.

We encourage questioning, open debate, and freedom of speech and inquiry. We embrace creativity, enterprise and innovation to bring about positive change. We want our students, our staff, and everyone with whom we engage to be passionate and enthusiastic about creating, gaining, sharing and applying new knowledge, insight and experience, enriching their own understanding and benefiting others.

We are committed to reducing our own environmental footprint and to protecting the wellbeing and viability of our community and the wider world by promoting the knowledge, skills, behaviours and commitments that will safeguard our collective future.”

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